MBFC visual resources cataloging, and Yale’s cross-collections search

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Another presentation from our friend the More, Better, Faster, Cheaper forum from RLG. Katherine Haskins of Yale talks about visual resources cataloging, and I like her intro:

“…I will argue that for us to achieve more better faster cheaper descriptive practices, we would do well … to acknowledge that the best descriptive practice is as much a public as a technical service. [WHOOOO go Yale lady!!!!] … process improvement and a focus on stakeholders are the obverse and reverse of the same coin.”

(I haven’t heard anyone use the word “obverse” in several years.)

A few random notes: Yale uses Luna Insight for image management and delivery. I like their emphasis on “listening to stakeholders” in this project, though they have the advantage of having a well-defined group of stakeholders in this case.

Here’s a link to a 2006 ALA Big Heads report from Yale which includes a few notes about their DPIP (Digital Production and Integration Program), which sounds a tiny bit similar to our DIMP program, and the IDIR (Integrated Digital Image Resources) program that Ms. Haskins runs. We should look into these.

I also notice that Yale has an awesome “cross-collections search” feature for their digital collections. I can’t believe they chose white-text-on-black-background for it (owie my eyes!!) but I love that they offer it at all, and I love that there are links right there on the page to the advanced search screen, too. I wonder if the different collections included all use the same type of metadata.

In terms of user-friendliness, I wish the search feature (dare I call it…a catalog?) had its own icon to make it easier to find, and I wonder if patrons find & use it very much. I also wish so many of my search results weren’t “You are not authorized to view this page,” but I think that has to do with campus-only resources being included.


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