MBFC visual resources cataloging, and Yale’s cross-collections search

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Another presentation from our friend the More, Better, Faster, Cheaper forum from RLG. Katherine Haskins of Yale talks about visual resources cataloging, and I like her intro:

“…I will argue that for us to achieve more better faster cheaper descriptive practices, we would do well … to acknowledge that the best descriptive practice is as much a public as a technical service. [WHOOOO go Yale lady!!!!] … process improvement and a focus on stakeholders are the obverse and reverse of the same coin.”

(I haven’t heard anyone use the word “obverse” in several years.)

A few random notes: Yale uses Luna Insight for image management and delivery. I like their emphasis on “listening to stakeholders” in this project, though they have the advantage of having a well-defined group of stakeholders in this case.

Here’s a link to a 2006 ALA Big Heads report from Yale which includes a few notes about their DPIP (Digital Production and Integration Program), which sounds a tiny bit similar to our DIMP program, and the IDIR (Integrated Digital Image Resources) program that Ms. Haskins runs. We should look into these.

I also notice that Yale has an awesome “cross-collections search” feature for their digital collections. I can’t believe they chose white-text-on-black-background for it (owie my eyes!!) but I love that they offer it at all, and I love that there are links right there on the page to the advanced search screen, too. I wonder if the different collections included all use the same type of metadata.

In terms of user-friendliness, I wish the search feature (dare I call it…a catalog?) had its own icon to make it easier to find, and I wonder if patrons find & use it very much. I also wish so many of my search results weren’t “You are not authorized to view this page,” but I think that has to do with campus-only resources being included.


what the hey

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Hello. This is a collection of notes on what I run across in the library/cataloging literature (etc.) so I can keep up with them without having to write out notes in hardcopy. Since my employer doesn’t see fit to supply notepads to employees and all. Cheers!

hey–clicking the “Publish” button is what actually PUBLISHES the post. Learn something new every day.

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